our roots

Our farm was built by the US Government in 1945 as part of a program for returning veterans from WWII. Since its’ origin the farm has gone through different cultivation and farming practices, wheat, grass, fruit, cattle, chickens, goats, turkeys and now hemp. Supporting those around us with resources to do better in life has been our farms' mission from way back when to now. Cannabis has enabled us to reach more people then ever with this mission.

We began hemp cultivation in 2008 starting very small, adopting innovative farming practices such as rain water collection, composting, worm and mushroom cultivation. Lots of trial and error, the highs and lows, accumulating strains along the way. There has been a lot of change from 2008 to now, we’ve shared stories with our peers along the way. Todays hemp environment is exciting and we are so proud to be apart of it. Cannabis products are reaching more people then ever before. For example the medicinal benefits of CBD are becoming more widely known and we are proud to be apart of the movement towards plant medicine.

We’ve been asked why we farm the way we do and the answer is simple. We do it for the soil. Cannabis is one of the oldest cultivated plants known to man and produces numerous medicinal benefits. With cannabis being medicine we wanted to create a process of cultivation that mimics the natural processes found in nature. We create a fully sustainable environment through the cycling of nutrients via composting and animal husbandry, in order to produce the rich organic soil our hemp is grown in. The richness we aim to capture, is like that of the aroma, of the forest floor after a hard rain; can you smell it?


As farmers we consider it our social responsibility, to support small and local entrepreneurial businesses, like ourselves. We here at Foggy Acres, would like to say thank you, to you our consumers and to the recycling support we have acquired through the community, to bring you cannabis genuinely produced and grown with love.

In Plants We Trust